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Two hot jocks engage in gay cum swallow

There’s just too much tension in the male locker rooms of the basketball team. Too much hot firm bodies, sweat and smell of testosterone, not to mention the guys in the showers. No wonder these two hooked up after a game. Colin and Brad went to Brad’s place after the game to celebrate the victory, but it didn’t take them long to start making out like there’s no tomorrow.

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Ass splitting action followed by gay cum swap

This hot twink has no idea what he got himself into. Jerry loves a black cock up his ass, and ‘the bigger, the better’ seems to be his motto. But that was before he was face to face with Castro Supreme’s black one eyed monster. That thing would scare even the most experienced cock lover, and Jerry was scared shitless.

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Fucked by his math teacher and made into gay cum swallow

Matt was desperate; his math grades were so low he was almost certainly failing. It seemed there’s no way for him to get out of this mess. Knowing his parents would ground him for eternity, Matt came to his teacher’s office to try and talk to him. He wasn’t there so Matt did a crazy thing – found out where he lived and showed at his front door.

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Teen threesome culminates with gay cum swap

These three often throw little parties at Jake’s place, where they loosen up a bit and then do all sorts o crazy stuff they can think of. Ben is the biggest slut there, and always insists on being the first to suck the other’s off and get his ass filled with rock hard cock. The guys don’t seem to mind, so they even stuff both of their cocks down his throat at the same time.

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An accidental encounter leads to gay cum swallow

Alex was just getting some groceries when a guy approached him and greeted him. Turns out they had some classes together in high school, so the guy invites Alex for a couple of things to catch up with him. They share their teen memories over many drinks, and the sexual tension among them starts to get obvious.

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Six boys enjoy a wild gay cum swap party

It’s never boring with there guys, because the fantastic six party day and night. But before they head out to have yet another wild night out, they hang out at Mike’s and have a vodka warmup party. It’s getting hotter and hotter as the boys start undressing and Luke is the first to get completely naked and start dancing in the living room.

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Two best friends reconcile with gay cum swallow ritual

Victor and Barry have been best friends for years, but a big fight got them to stop talking to each other. Four months have passed and Victor finally got the courage to invite Barry over for dinner, which he reluctantly accepted. The thing is that Victor had slept with Barry’s fiancee which lead to the engagement break-up, and Barry never forgave him.

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There’s nothing sweeter than a gay cum swap

Sean Slater works as a cook in a restaurant, but he admitted to us that he’d never seen a sausage this big. That’s right, Sean is the new candidate for fierce ass drilling by no one else but Castro Supreme, the king of gigantic dicks. You can tell Sean isn’t indifferent about the fate of his ass once Castro is done with him.

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Getting out of paying a speeding ticket by gay cum swallow

Rodney had quite a few before he got in his car and decided to drive around. He was just cruising around aimlessly, when he got pulled over by a cop. Not only he was drunk at the wheel, but he also made a speeding violation. Knowing his dad would kill him and being totally broke, Rod decided to work his way out anyway he can.

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Gay cum in mouth with jizz running down a twink’s pretty face

Mike has been bullied by two guys from his college dorm since he first came there. He tries to avoid them, but they always seem to get him cornered when no one’s around. They always make fun of his haircut and tell him how he looks like a girl, slap him and make him do humiliating things.

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